Monday, March 01, 2004

Come Saturday morning

I was hooked up to the blood sucking, centrifuging, platelet extracting device by about 8:15. It was one of the old machines this time and for the first time in three tries I was able to give a full donation.

Huzzah! Huzzah! (Huzzah?)

There was another guy who was in the chair next to me that started about 15 minutes after I did. He was interesting to observe since he didn't fit the normal pattern of platelet donors. Most people who give platelets seem to be more of the laid-back, easy-going types. I mean, when you find out you're going to be hooked up to the machine for at least 90 minutes, the impatient folks kind of weed themselves out. But this guy gave off a hostility vibe from the very beginning. I don't know what he was angry about, but something was bugging him. They had a two-arm setup run for him (I do a one-arm, so at least I can scratch my nose if I need to - and I ALWAYS need to for some reason) which means that he was getting a needle in both arms. Once they go in, you can't bend your elbow or even move your arm without doing some major damage, so you have to ask the technician to do things like change the channel on the TV or fix the headphones that slipped off your head or arrange the blanket or (worst of all) help you blow your nose. Maybe that was a source of his irritation, but I don't think so. He kind of snipped at the techs a couple of times when they didn't do things fast enough for him. When it was time to take the feed line out of his left arm, he started asking, "When are going to take THIS one out?" about the return line in his right arm. The techs were more patient than I would have been, telling him it would only be a few more minutes. In my head (where I say all my snarky things when I'm in public), my response was, "They can take it out right now, bub, if you don't need that quart of plasma that's still in the machine back." I managed to keep my mouth shut.

I finished just before he did and naturally, a trip down the hall to the little boy's room is the first item on the agenda. I passed him in the hall on the way back, and he was still giving off the angry vibe, like the whole thing was a big inconvenience. It takes all kinds, I guess.

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