Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Attention men

Many of you seem to be a little unclear on the concept of modern plumbing. That little sticky-out part on the back of the commode? That's called a handle. It's meant to be a convenience - to "handle" the act of flushing. No more trips to the utility closet with the mop bucket - just push the handle and whoosh! It's just like magic.

As an added benefit when you use the handle to "handle" your business, the REST OF US don't have to share your intimate details. I know sometimes you take pride in your "accomplishments", but take it from me, the next guy isn't going to appreciate your work the way you do. If you experience separation anxiety, may I suggest you do what we Aardvarks do with our children's school projects? Take a picture before you get rid of it, that way you'll at least have some documentation of your hard work.

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