Monday, February 16, 2004

Weekend notes

Valentine's banquet at church Friday night. Ham, cinnamon apple slices, green beans almondine, au grautin (hog rotten, as we always say) potatoes, and cheesecake (the kind you eat). The food was delicious. I got there to discover that my wife and I were not only attending, we were the designated table hosts, making sure that everyone had tea and coffee and helping distribute full plates of food. (Of course, my wife new about this ahead of time, and of course, she told me, but of course, it went in one ear and out the other so it was a total surprise for me when I got there, but of course, I acted cool like I remembered that she told me because, of course, I don't want to have to have THAT conversation know, the one about me not paying attention? Honey, if you're reading this, I only added these comments for humorous effect, you know...artistic license?)

We had three SLOLs sitting at our table and were later joined by a young couple (married only six months). For those of you unfamiliar with the SLOL acronym, it stands for Sweet Little Old Lady, and I find it to be a particularly useful description. Of course, the first one to sit down introduces herself as "The meanest old woman in the church" (she was kidding...I think). Excuse me? Was that a gauntlet I just heard being slapped down? I'm usually not a big party person, but as luck would have it, I was having an 'on' night and so was having a lot of fun. Guess which table guest got the over-the-top, extra-special, super-duper, queen-for-day treatment? Of course, the more attention my wife and I paid the her (and the other SLOLs too), the more tickled she got. Everyone had a good evening and in fact, "The meanest old woman in the church" called my wife the next day to thank us again for being such great hosts.

The musical entertainment for the evening wound up being a friend of the pianists. Coincidentally, he is also a guy I worked with back when the Lockheed-Martin plant was still General Dynamics (I knew him, he didn't know me). I thought he was a puffed-up jerk back then, and while I got no indication whether that assessment was still accurate, I can tell you he sings well. Mostly old songs and old show tunes. Most of the crowd was appreciative of his singing, however there were a few "adults" that were making snide remarks about the geezer music. One couple even got up and left during the music. I thought at the time that they must have had somewhere else they needed to be (maybe to pick up the kids or something), but come to find out, they just hated the music that much. I know their mammas taught them better, what'dya gonna do?

We got snow Friday night/Saturday morning. Snow in Texas (at least away from the panhandle) is a big deal. Usually it's ice that pays us a visit, but this year we got about four inches of powdery snow. The kids got out Saturday morning and made snow angels and threw snowballs and made a pathetic attempt at building a snowman. They knew you had to roll the snow to make a snowman, but couldn't figure out that you had to change directions when you roll it. As a result, they didn't have snow balls to stack, they had snow tires. By Saturday night, most of the snow was gone except for the decaying corpses of the snowmen.

My brothers drove up about 10:30 and came inside and stood up for a cup of coffee (didn't want to sit, since that's what they'd been doing). We got to talk a little bit about my dad (where they'd been) and his prognosis (I'll save that for later) and then they were back in the truck headed back for Washington state. They added an extra day to their trip to spend an hour with me. Wouldn't even let me feed 'em. Brothers...

One of the EAC's friends from church, let's call her Arwen, since she's a big LotR fan, is not what you'd call a frilly girl by any means. Let's just say she doesn't spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, nor is she greatly concerned with her appearance. She'd probably be comfortable in the 'back to nature' crowd, know what I mean? But she's a nice kid, nonetheless (Skeeter is her younger brother, by the way). One of the things about Arwen's appearance that drives Mrs. A nuts is her eyebrows. She has sported a thick almost uni-brow look for some time. "Give me fifteen minutes and a pair of tweezers..." Mrs. A has been known to mutter.

Image my shock then, on Sunday morning, when Arwen shows up with freshly done eyebrows. Only they were more than that. Whoever did them went too far in the other direction. Instead of a big thick uni-brow, she now has short, ultra thin eyebrows that only go half-way across her eyes. Like whoever did it kept whittling them down and didn't get them evened out until they were mostly gone. Oh well, at least she's trying. The last time I saw her she was wearing makeup. I'm going to have to ask the EAC if Arwen has a boyfriend.

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