Friday, February 13, 2004

Weekend doings

Up until yesterday evening, I had planned on getting a hairs cut. (That is right, isn't it? I mean I'd hate to pay $12 to some guy to just cut one hair.) But that's out now. Change of plans

My brothers are in Missouri visiting my dad, and they are heading back home this afternoon. They are making a detour to come spend a couple of hours with me tomorrow. When you're driving back to Washington state, what's another day, right?

Mrs. A is having her annual day on Monday, and so I'll be taking the kids out Saturday afternoon to do some last minute shopping (Honey, if you're reading this, don't forget to make your list!). Tonight is the VD banquet. Wait. That doesn't seem right. Let's try again. Tonight is the Valentine's Day banquet at church, and tomorrow we'll go out for my wife's birthday dinner. (Can't do it next weekend as I'll be in Missouri then) Sunday is shaping up to be a pretty normal day, with bells, Sunday School, church, home, more church, and more home.

Hope you have a good weekend. See you Monday. (Though, technically, I won't really see you on Monday. It's just a figure of speech ... What? ... Oh, you knew that? ... Sorry)

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