Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Super ego

I got to see a lot more TV the past few days than I normally watch. Especially the Sunday morning talking heads. I got to see Aaahnuld's interview and Ralph "I really am crazy" Nader's announcement. Not a bad weekend to watch, at least from the entertainment value perspective.

Ralph was asked if his candidacy was about feeding his ego. Like that's even an issue? Duh.

But then again, I think that's what leads ALL the candidates (GWB included) to run in the first place. Why hasn't this question been asked of John "I served in Viet Nam" Kerry or Howard "Yeeaaargghh" Dean or John "Humble beginnings" Edwards? Would anyone think to ask George "Flightdeck" W. Bush if his candidacy was about his ego?

The fact that THEY actually have a chance of winning doesn't mean they don't have big egos to feed too. And a big ego isn't necessarily a BAD thing, if you've got the results to go with it. Only then we call it by other names like "confidence" and "leadership".

Like the saying goes, it ain't braggin' if you can back it up.

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