Thursday, February 26, 2004

I think she likes it

Mrs. A, that is.


She's even getting over some of her cautiousness about visiting other blogs and leaving comments. (What have I unleashed!?!)

But there are still things that freak her out. Yesterday, she thought she had screwed something up when she loaded her page and THERE WERE NO COMMENTS. No, not the fact that no one had left a comment, THE COMMENTS WERE GONE COMPLETELY!

Relax, I told her. You didn't do anything wrong. When that happens, all it means is that the Haloscan comments server is down. They'll come back at some point when they get THEIR problem fixed. She was much relieved.

Next, I'm going to get her started on her own blogroll.

It has been fun talking about y'all's blogs, though.

"Did you read so-and-so today?"
"Which one is that?"
"(Insert blog name here)"
"Yeah, did you see my comment?" etc.

She called me today and told me about her parking garage experience this morning. Sounds like a blog entry to me, I said. Yes, it does, said she.

Tee hee.

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