Friday, February 27, 2004

I feel so appreciated

Tonight is the Teacher Appreciation Banquet at church. Mrs. A signed us up to go. I guess I have to, huh? These kind of things don't really do anything for me. I know they're a nice gesture, but I'd just as soon have an evening at home.

You want me to feel appreciated? How about hanging the bulletin board and dry marker board in our classroom? How about replacing those 300W fixtures with flourescent lighting like we've talked about and then maybe we can run both coffee pots on Sunday morning without tripping the breaker? How about volunteering to bring the doughnuts and make some phone calls? How about showing up on time and not straggling in 30 minutes late? THOSE things make me feel appreciated.

But I guess dinner will have to do.

(That sounds REALLY cynical, and while I wasn't shooting for that, maybe it's my passive-aggressive tendencies showing themselves again. I WILL smile and be friendly and have a good time tonight, even if it sounds like I'm just a cranky, bitter old man.)

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