Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Navel gazing

Hey! Is that lint? Ewwww.

Then there's naval gazing, but you have to be in a port city for that.

And they say I'm easily sidetracked...

First (too late for that), let me start off by thanking Jordana for nominating me for best blog in the Crawly Amphibian category in the Wizbang Weblog Awards: Thanks Jordana! I haven't mentioned it before, well, just because it seems a little too much like tooting my own horn (Hey! Look at me!). But then Jordana went and mentioned it in this comment, and I got to thinking I should at least thank her or she would think I was ungrateful or rude or something. So that's why you've got this little hunk of awkwardness. Oh, yeah, and if you want to ::cough::vote for me:: cough:: the poll can be found here.

Also, just in case you didn't know, you can vote once every 12 hours or so, so if you haven't already voted for Terry or Lee today, please do so now.

As to last night's deleted post, let's just say on reflection that the subject matter is not something I want to draw attention to, even by condemning it. In my world (where I am king) some people would just be shot.

Part of what triggered my response last night is the fact that I'm very tired. From Saturday through yesterday I have worked 51 hours and it looks like another long day today. After that, it should ease up. My wife is tired of being a single parent and my kids are tired of not having the old man around to tease them and quote funny lines from movies. "I want you to know, my friend, the turtle responsible HAS been executed!"

When I rolled into the house Sunday night about 10:30, my wife told me, "The kids say hi." Believe it or not, this job is better than the one I used to have at Widget Hut. Back then, the joke was that we kept a picture of me on the piano so that if I ever did come home while the kids were awake, they wouldn't call 911 to report a stranger in the house.

Well, gotta get back at it. Talk to you later.

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