Wednesday, December 31, 2003

FedEx and Kinko's

Well the big buyout was at the top of the news yesterday. At least it was locally. The story on the evening news had one of those '!' moments in it (at least for me).

The reporter said something along the lines of, "The merger of these two companies should help fuel economic growth in the coming year." And the context was GENERAL economic growth, not just the growth of FedEx.

Now that SOUNDS great, but excuse me just a minute while I think this through. To provide general economic growth, FedEx has to generate MORE of something, in this case copying and shipping. What should happen is that FedEx will get a much bigger piece of the copying and shipping pie, but the size of the pie won't change.

To make the pie bigger you have to have a lot of folks sitting around thinking, "Gee, I wasn't going to do anything with this blogging manifesto, but now since I can make copies AND ship them all in one stop, I'm going down to KinkEx and make a thousand copies to send to all my blog enemies."

Hey, that's not a bad idea ...

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