Thursday, November 06, 2003

Then again...

maybe a rabid weasel would be entertaining. Obviously this training has sucked up all my available time. I have about ten minutes to blog everything in my little pea-brain before we start again.

Found out this AM that I will NOT be going to Portland after all. Mixed emotions about that, but overall it's a good thing.

Went to the TCU - Louisville game yesterday evening. Still hoarse from the general tom-foolery of cheering for the home team. TCU stays undefeated, but only because the Louisville kicker didn't have a skosh more "oomph". The potentially tying field goal to send the game to overtime hit the cross bar and bounced back. Another three inches and the game is Louisville's to lose. Much rain prior to game time, but only a few minutes of light drizzle during. Cold, though, and windy (hey it's Texas, 50 degrees IS cold here).

Picked up youngest daughter from school and took her to Wendy's before the game (wife and oldest were already there working concessions for the HS band). Had conversation about 'bon soir' and 'soiree' having the same root word (don't ask me how that got started, I've got no idea). The youngest intentionally misunderstands and keeps saying "bon soir soiree" like it's all one expression. No, I tell her, they are separate things. "Bon soir soiree" she says (grinning). No, I say, "it's 'bon soir' bone-head." Much giggling ensues. You had to be there, I'm sure.

Well, back to the salt mines.

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