Monday, November 17, 2003

Systematic randomness

Ever since I posted this, my referral logs have been full of people searching for the junky items in the offer (but, hey, it's traffic!). I find it funny that so many people a) feel the need to research this junk and b) think that I would have something meaningful to say about it.

Bumper sticker I saw on the way to work this morning: Cowboy foreplay: Get in the truck! (okay, then...and I notice you're driving alone...)

Bumper sticker I saw a couple of weeks ago on the way to work: We honor ALL our students at Feelgood Elementary (ok, I made that school up...I don't remember the real name, and it wouldn't mean anything to you if I did). Oh, golly gee, and it never rains, but they always have rainbows.

I'm raising nerds, but in a cool, geeky sort of way (fun with oxymorons!). While trying to describe Gundam Wing (why? I don't know) to the spouse, I used a reference to an older show she may have remembered from a) college or b) the new series when the kids were young. Only I couldn't remember the name of the show. So, I asked my youngest daughter..."You remember that show that had the robot lions and they were all different colors and they could all combine and form the one big dude?" At which point my daughter's eyes light up and she gets a big smile and says, "Yeah!" "What was the name of that show?" "I can't remember." (Thanks, THAT was a big help) Unfortunately, this conversation occurred at bedtime and so she had to get up a couple more times to guess a name. "Was it Star Commanders?" (Again, I'm making up names, 'cause I don't remember EXACTLY what she said) "Nope. That isn't it." After a couple of unsuccessful guesses and being sent back to bed, my oldest daughter (who was already in sleep and all that) comes into the living room. "I couldn't help but overhear, and the name of the show you're looking for is Voltron." "Yeah! That's it!" I say, turning to the wife. "Nope." she says, "I don't remember it." Eh. All for nothing. Thanked my oldest and sent her back to bed, with a request that she stop by her sister's room and tell her too (to avoid another guessing session).

Saw a truck a couple of months ago with the semi-obligatory fake Calvin peeing sticker along with another fake Calvin in the act of mooning (FYI - ANY Calvin you see on merchandise is fake. Bill Watterson NEVER licensed Calvin...EVER). In 2" letters in the corner of the window the words "Jump up and" and then in 10" letters in a semi-circle covering most of the window "kiss my Mexican ass". Wow, kinda hard to miss that, now isn't it? His momma must be so proud. What's it like, I wonder, to live by the motto: "Coarsening society and proud of it"?

I find it funny that the Blogger supplied spell checker doesn't recognize the word "blogs".

I guess that's it.

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