Friday, November 21, 2003

Rotating Seuss

I haven't seen the new "Cat in the Hat" movie. I'm not going to. Why would I want to tarnish the memories of my childhood with this atrocity (the same reason I refused to see The Grinch a few years back)? I can tell you without seeing it, that the cleverness of the original will have been wrung out and replaced with lowbrow, sneering, potty humor (not that I am necessarily AGAINST potty humor, just not in a CHILDREN'S movie). I saw a commercial for the film the other day and one of the characters made a sarcastic comment with the word "butt" in it. Now I own many Dr. Seuss books and have several Dr. Seuss records given to me by my oldest brother when I was just a wee little lad. I cannot recall encountering the word "butt" in ANY of this material. Feh.

I am one of the few people I know who was not enamored with Shrek (for the same reason). We did see this in the theater with the kids. I was uncomfortable in several places due to the innuendo and mean spirited humor. And my kids were among the oldest in the theater. Shrek worked way to hard to be clever and not hard enough to be funny.

It appalls me when movies are marketed to preschoolers and then contain material that isn't age appropriate. Then again, when many parents take their preschoolers to R rated flicks, I can see why some movie makers don't see the problem.

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