Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A question

If you parody a parody, does that make it a reality?

I fear the answer is "yes."

Let me back up just a little.

You know how some old guys try to dress/act hip to get people to think they're really young? Well, over the years, I've been known to embrace this stereotype and purposefully exaggerate it as a way of saying, "Hey look! It's an old guy making fun of old guys acting like young guys."

And that was ok.

But at what point does my parody of old guys who act young become a parody of me doing a parody of old guys who act young? At which point all parody cancels out (like double negatives) and I'm left as REALLY being an old guy trying to act young! (Oooh, oooh, say something about 'jumping the shark' here. That'll make you sound young and hip!)

It's a conundrum, I'm telling ya'.

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