Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Well the theme for the day seems to be brownies, so I might as well (I couldn't talk myself out of it) share with you my other idea for a new product. (Since there was such an overwhelming response to the new Schick Octo...)

A few years back I noticed some ads touting the new "One-step" brownies. I don't remember if they were Pillsbury or Betty Crocker or some other brand, but evidently they weren't too big of a hit, since I can find no trace of them on the internet.

The premise for one step brownies was that people were basically too lazy to bother with stirring or mixing or even adding an egg or water. You just open the box and pop the pre-filled baking tray into the oven and then you're good to go. Of course I had a problem with this right away 'cause that's TWO steps right there, not to mention having to turn the oven ON and setting a timer and taking 'em out and letting 'em cool and putting them on a plate to serve (unless of course, you eat 'em right out of the pan, and then you can save that step). These so-called "One-step" brownies had at least SIX steps (and maybe seven), but then again, that's just my OCD talking.

So, after seeing the commercial, I turned to my wife and said, "Hey! I've got a great idea! (that's what I always say, but she probably thinks otherwise) Since people are now TOO LAZY to even use a brownie MIX, why don't we suggest they develop some PRE-CHEWED brownies so people won't have to go through all that time consuming chewing? Oooh, oooh! I know, how about PRE-DIGESTED brownies? That's the ULTIMATE in convenience food. Why, you just open the box and dump 'em straight into the commode!"

Needless to say (which never seems to stop me from saying it anyway), my wife was less than impressed with my marketing genius.

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